When excellence meets interdisciplinarity

In teaming up with the Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences (FSAA), you’ll get access to the multidisciplinary scientific expertise of some 100 professor – researchers who are world-renowned in all areas of the food chain and who oversee more than 400 graduate students. Research activities at the FSAA bring innovative solutions to pressing issues and raise numerous challenges.
Each year, no less than 180 businesses and 35 ministries or agencies from Canadian and Quebec governments rely on the expertise of FSAA researchers for the advancement and transfer of knowledge.

Our axes and research fields:

professor – researchers

  • Aider, Mohammed

    Professeur adjoint
    whey, prebiotics, optimization, packaging, plant proteins
  • Allaire, Suzanne

    Professeure titulaire
    pesticide transport, agricultural hydrology, agricultural environment
  • Antoun, Hani

    Professeur titulaire
    biochar, bio-inoculants, biological dissolution of phosphates, rhizosphere, mycosphere
  • Bazinet, Laurent

    Professeur titulaire
    separation, membranes, physical chemistry, bioactive molecules, filling, milk, juice, tea, bioactive...
  • Bélanger, Richard

    Professeur titulaire
    biological control, phytopathology, genomics
  • Belzile, François

    Professeur titulaire
    genomics, soy, barley, markers, genetic improvement
  • Bocoum, Ibrahima

    Professeur adjoint
    rural development
  • Chalifour, François P.

    Professeur titulaire
    plant physiology, nitrogen cycle, field crops, rhizobium - legume symbiosis
  • Charbonneau, Édith

    Professeure agrégée
    technico-economic management of herds, dairy herd management
  • Chouinard, Yvan

    Professeur titulaire
    animal feed, animal nutrition, animal physiology, dairy constituents, ruminants
  • Dion, Patrice

    Professeur titulaire
    tropical agriculture, Agricultural microbiology
  • Dostaler, Daniel

    Professeur agrégé
    plant pathogen, sustainable plant production
  • Doyon, Maurice

    Professeur titulaire
    experimental economics, market design, bidding, co-op, agricultural policy
  • Galibois, Isabelle

    Professeure titulaire
    nutrition, diet and diabetes, carbohydrates
  • Godefroy, Samuel

    Professeur titulaire
    allergens, food contaminants, risk analysis, skills development, regulatory policy, safety, food...
  • Gosselin, André

    Professeur titulaire
    horticulture, nutraceuticals, greenhouse cultures, physiology
  • Goulet, Charles

    Professeur adjoint
    aroma, genetics, secondary metabolism, ornamental horticulture
  • Hamoudi, Safia

    Professeure titulaire
    agricultural effluent treatment, environmental adsorption and catalysis, nanomaterials
  • Jacques, Hélène

    Professeure titulaire
    nutrition, diet, nutritional quality, public nutrition, quality, measurements in the professional...
  • Karam, Antoine

    Professeur titulaire
    soil chemistry, agricultural environment
  • Korai, Bernard

    Professeur adjoint
    consumer behaviour, marketing, ecology and environment
  • Laforest, Jean-Paul

    Professeur titulaire
    animal welfare, reproduction, swine production, animal sciences, animal physiology
  • Lagacé, Robert

    Professeur titulaire
    drainage, watercourse development, agricultural environment, agricultural hydrology, ecological...
  • Lamarche, Benoît

    Professeur titulaire
    diet, nutraceuticals, public health, cardiometabolic health
  • Larue, Bruno

    Professeur titulaire
    international trade
  • Leroux, Gilles

    Professeur titulaire
    weed science, weed, integrated pest and plant pathogen management
  • Létourneau, Marie-Pierre

    Professeure adjointe
    livestock production, pork, chicken, avicolous, reproduction
  • Mikhaylin, Sergey

    sustainable development, energy efficiency
  • Morisset, Anne-Sophie

    Professeure adjointe
    gestational diabetes, Perinatal nutrition, maternal health, gestational weight gain, vitamin D,...
  • Perrier, Jean-Philippe

    Professeur agrégé
    agricultural financing
  • Poulin, Monique

    Professeure titulaire
    ecology and environment, ecological restoration and conservation of natural habitats, biodiversity...
  • Pouliot, Yves

    Professeur titulaire
    milk, dairy products, processes, separation by membranes, energy efficiency, splitting,...
  • Provencher, Véronique

    Professeure agrégée
    food behaviour, health promotion, public health, program evaluation, nutritional information
  • Ratti, Cristina

    Professeur titulaire
    drying, lyophilization, extraction, mathematical modelling of food processes, food properties
  • Richard, François

    Professeur titulaire
    ovarian, ovum, reproduction, spermatozoa
  • Saucier, Linda

    Professeure titulaire
    meat, safety, biosecurity, antimicrobial system efficiency, pre-slaughter management
  • Sirard, Marc-André

    Professeur titulaire
    reproduction, fertility, genomics, ovarian, ovum
  • Veilleux, Alain

    Professeur adjoint
    insulin resistance
  • Vuillemard, Jean-Christophe

    Professeur titulaire
    milk, fermentation, cheese, lactic acid bacteria, nutraceuticals, probiotics
  • West, Gale

    Professeure titulaire
    food consumption, responsible consumption, adoption of sustainable production practices, adoption of...
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