Human nutrition

Improving health through nutrition research, prevention and intervention


FSAA researchers working in the field of human nutrition have the population's health at heart. Whether it concerns research on prevention and promotion or clinical studies on the best ways to intervene for people suffering from chronic diseases, this team works closely with different bodies (such as governments, organizations and health establishments) to delve deeper into nutrition-related issues. Researchers in human nutrition are interested in all stages of life, from the prenatal period to old age. Another key element of their work is determining which knowledge transfer activities will help people to better follow nutritional recommendations. In short, the work completed by researchers in human nutrition at FSAA leads to notable advancements in research and has a significant impact on health and diet.

Professor-researchers in this line of research

  • Aider, Mohammed

    Professeur adjoint
    whey, prebiotics, optimization, packaging, plant proteins
  • Angers, Paul

    Professeur titulaire
    chemistry, food, fatty acid, lipids, natural products, frying, dairy products, oxidation, organic...
  • Arul, Joseph

    Professeur titulaire
    food preservation, fruits, vegetables, packaging, food, food polymers, separation processes,...
  • Bazinet, Laurent

    Professeur titulaire
    separation, membranes, physical chemistry, bioactive molecules, filling, milk, juice, tea, bioactive...
  • Beaulieu, Lucie

    Professeure titulaire
    biochemistry, bioactive peptides, bioprocesses, marine products, nutraceuticals, extraction,...
  • Couillard, Charles

    Professeur titulaire
    polyphenols, cardiometabolic health, clinical studies, vascular functions
  • Desjardins, Yves

    Professeur titulaire
    polyphenols, Metabolomic, berries, strawberries, plant physiology
  • Doyen, Alain

    Professeur agrégé
    protein hydrolysates, membrane splitting processes, energy efficiency, high hydrostatic pressure,...
  • Fliss, Ismaïl

    Professeur titulaire
    bacteria, probiotics, food safety and cleanliness, antimicrobial, lactic acid bacteria, intestinal...
  • Gauthier, Sylvie

    Professeure titulaire
    milk, proteins, food, bioactive peptides, growth factor, enzymes, gastrointestinal digestion,...
  • Godefroy, Samuel

    Professeur titulaire
    allergens, food contaminants, risk analysis, skills development, regulatory policy, safety, food...
  • Gosselin, André

    Professeur titulaire
    horticulture, nutraceuticals, greenhouse cultures, physiology
  • Jacques, Hélène

    Professeure titulaire
    nutrition, diet, nutritional quality, public nutrition, quality, measurements in the professional...
  • Jean, Julie

    Professeure titulaire
    antimicrobial, concentration, inactivation, food safety and cleanliness, molecular methods,...
  • Khelifi, Mohamed

    Professeur titulaire
    agricultural machine and equipment engineering, biological pest control, mechanical weed control,...
  • Labrie, Steve

    Professeur agrégé
    milk, cheese, mold, yeast, bacteria, lactic ferments, food microbiology, food contaminants,...
  • Lagacé, Robert

    Professeur titulaire
    drainage, watercourse development, agricultural environment, agricultural hydrology, ecological...
  • Lamarche, Benoît

    Professeur titulaire
    diet, nutraceuticals, public health, cardiometabolic health
  • Mikhaylin, Sergey

    sustainable development, energy efficiency
  • Pouliot, Yves

    Professeur titulaire
    milk, dairy products, processes, separation by membranes, energy efficiency, splitting,...
  • Ratti, Cristina

    Professeur titulaire
    drying, lyophilization, extraction, mathematical modelling of food processes, food properties
  • Roy, Denis

    Professeur titulaire
    probiotics, microbiomes, microbial ecology, metagenomics, dairy products, lactic acid bacteria,...
  • Subirade, Muriel

    Professeur titulaire
    bioencapsulation, biopolymers, protection, molecular, proteins, structure-function relationships,...
  • Turgeon, Sylvie

    Professeure titulaire
    rheology, polysaccharides, interaction, proteins, physical chemistry, extraction, molecular...
  • Vuillemard, Jean-Christophe

    Professeur titulaire
    milk, fermentation, cheese, lactic acid bacteria, nutraceuticals, probiotics
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