Sustainable development at the heart of plant research


FSAA brings together researchers with complementary fields of expertise such as biochemistry, physiology, microbiology, cellular and molecular biology, soil physics and bioclimatology. They are able to combine their strengths to resolve numerous challenges related to the protection of plant species and the environment by studying interactions between plants, pests and beneficial organisms.  Their studies make it possible to develop "optimal" crop management and phytosanitary approaches that are more reliable and respectful of the environment, to reduce production losses and to ensure better management of water and residual matter. The protection and restoration of natural environments, such as peatland, are also the focus of research conducted at FSAA, not to mention agroforestry which addresses biophysical and technical aspects as well as sociocultural and political issues. Work on the development, production and management of processes and irrigation equipment and/or fertilization completes the spectrum of expertise in this field.

Professor-researchers in this line of research

  • Beauchamp, Chantal J.

    Professeure titulaire
    microbial ecology, plant ecology, organic agriculture, agroecology, composting, bioluminescence
  • Bélanger, Richard

    Professeur titulaire
    biological control, phytopathology, genomics
  • Belzile, François

    Professeur titulaire
    genomics, soy, barley, markers, genetic improvement
  • Benhamou, Nicole

    Professeure titulaire
    phytopathology, plant immunity, biopesticides, sustainable plant production, electronic microscopy
  • Chalifour, François P.

    Professeur titulaire
    plant physiology, nitrogen cycle, field crops, rhizobium - legume symbiosis
  • Charest, Pierre-Mathieu

    Professeur titulaire
    plant anatomy, plant cellular biology, phototonic and electronic microscopy, urban agriculture
  • Collin, Jean

    Professeur titulaire
    experimental devices, experiment planning, plant improvement, organic agriculture
  • de Halleux, Damien de

    Professeur titulaire
    food engineering, packaging
  • Desjardins, Yves

    Professeur titulaire
    polyphenols, Metabolomic, berries, strawberries, plant physiology
  • Dion, Patrice

    Professeur titulaire
    tropical agriculture, Agricultural microbiology
  • Dostaler, Daniel

    Professeur agrégé
    plant pathogen, sustainable plant production
  • Fournier, Valérie

    Professeure agrégée
    insect pests, biological control, berry cultivation, bees, pollination
  • Gosselin, André

    Professeur titulaire
    horticulture, nutraceuticals, greenhouse cultures, physiology
  • Goulet, Charles

    Professeur adjoint
    aroma, genetics, secondary metabolism, ornamental horticulture
  • Halde, Caroline

    Professeure adjointe
    agroecology, international cooperation, organic agriculture, organic fertilizers, weed science
  • Khelifi, Mohamed

    Professeur titulaire
    agricultural machine and equipment engineering, biological pest control, mechanical weed control,...
  • Leroux, Gilles

    Professeur titulaire
    weed science, weed, integrated pest and plant pathogen management
  • Létourneau, Lyne

    Professeur titulaire
    governance, ethics, agriculture, diet, biotechnologies
  • Michaud, Dominique

    Professeur titulaire
    transgenesis, proteomic
  • Olivier, Alain

    Professeur titulaire
  • Pépin, Steeve

    Professeur agrégé
    plant/leaf-atmosphere gas exchange, evapotranspiration, water use efficiency, hydraulic properties...
  • Poulin, Monique

    Professeure titulaire
    ecology and environment, ecological restoration and conservation of natural habitats, biodiversity...
  • Rochefort, Line

    Professeure titulaire
    restoration ecology, bryophytes, moss, peatland, plant ecology
  • Tweddell, Russell J.

    Professeur titulaire
    mycology, phytopathology, mushrooms
  • Vanasse, Anne

    Professeure titulaire
    agroenvironmental studies, sustainable development, riparian strips, biofuels, field crops
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