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Lettuce Grown in University Hallways?

29 September 2016

AgroCité installs a hydroponic system in the Paul-Comtois building

The AgroCité student committee has recently begun growing lettuce in a hydroponic system installed in the Paul-Comtois building, near the entrance hall. 

After spending nearly ten years developing their hydroponic system for growing lettuce and fine herbs in their rooftop facilities at the Alexandre-Vachon building, committee members are happy to finally be able to share their expertise with the FSAA community.

“This puts us one step closer to our goal of building an energy-efficient greenhouse at the centre of campus to grow vegetables and provide a long-term solution to the university's needs,” explains Alexandre Chamberland, a bachelor's student in agro-environmental engineering and president of the organization that brings together students in agronomy, engineering, architecture and law.

In the coming months, the AgroCité team plans to transform its hydroponic system into an aquaponic system, which uses nutrients produced by fish, thereby completely eliminating the use of chemicals. The committee has also taken steps to implement a similar system in other buildings on campus.

The next time you enter the Paul-Comtois building, take a moment to stop and admire our students’ initiative!