When excellence meets interdisciplinarity

In teaming up with the Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences (FSAA), you’ll get access to the multidisciplinary scientific expertise of some 100 professor – researchers who are world-renowned in all areas of the food chain and who oversee more than 400 graduate students. Research activities at the FSAA bring innovative solutions to pressing issues and raise numerous challenges.
Each year, no less than 180 businesses and 35 ministries or agencies from Canadian and Quebec governments rely on the expertise of FSAA researchers for the advancement and transfer of knowledge.

Our axes and research fields:

professor – researchers

  • Larue, Bruno

    Professeur titulaire
    international trade
  • Bouchard, Chantal

    Professeure agrégée
    quality management, quality tool
  • Dufour, Jean-Claude

    Professeur titulaire
    marketing, distribution of food products
  • Lambert, Rémy

    Professeur titulaire
    rural development, chain analysis
  • Lachance, Marie J.

    Professeure titulaire
    youth, money, skills, customer service, consumer behaviour
  • Lamarche, Benoît

    Professeur titulaire
    diet, nutraceuticals, public health, cardiometabolic health
  • Jacques, Hélène

    Professeure titulaire
    nutrition, diet, nutritional quality, public nutrition, quality, measurements in the professional...
  • Robitaille, Julie

    Professeure agrégée
    nutrition, gestational diabetes, pregnancy, children, obesity
  • Vohl, Marie-Claude

    Professeure titulaire
    nutrigenomics, genetic-diet interaction, epigenetics, obesity, cardiovascular disease risk factors
  • Olivier, Alain

    Professeur titulaire
  • Vanasse, Anne

    Professeure titulaire
    agroenvironmental studies, sustainable development, riparian strips, biofuels, field crops
  • Belzile, François

    Professeur titulaire
    genomics, soy, barley, markers, genetic improvement
  • Chalifour, François P.

    Professeur titulaire
    plant physiology, nitrogen cycle, field crops, rhizobium - legume symbiosis
  • Leroux, Gilles

    Professeur titulaire
    weed science, weed, integrated pest and plant pathogen management
  • Halde, Caroline

    Professeure adjointe
    agroecology, international cooperation, organic agriculture, organic fertilizers, weed science
  • Charest, Pierre-Mathieu

    Professeur titulaire
    plant anatomy, plant cellular biology, phototonic and electronic microscopy, urban agriculture
  • Robert, Claude

    Professeur titulaire
    oogenesis, embryonic development, genomics, epigenomics, fertility
  • Richard, François

    Professeur titulaire
    ovarian, ovum, reproduction, spermatozoa
  • Guay, Frédéric

    Professeur agrégé
    pork, mycotoxins, amino acids, minerals, diet
  • Bailey, Janice

    Professeure titulaire
    fertility, spermatozoa, impacts of contaminants on the environment, reproduction
  • Létourneau, Marie-Pierre

    Professeure adjointe
    livestock production, pork, chicken, avicolous, reproduction
  • Gervais, Rachel

    Professeure agrégée
    dairy constituents, ruminant nutrition
  • Chouinard, Yvan

    Professeur titulaire
    animal feed, animal nutrition, animal physiology, dairy constituents, ruminants
  • Karam, Antoine

    Professeur titulaire
    soil chemistry, agricultural environment
  • Caron, Jean

    Professeur titulaire
    soil physics, agricultural hydrology, agricultural environment
  • Belkacemi, Khaled

    Professeur titulaire
    catalytic reaction engineering, food systems nanotechnology, biomass recovery, modification of oils...
  • Parent, Léon-Étienne

    Professeur titulaire
    agricultural environment, soil management, soil fertility
  • Hamoudi, Safia

    Professeure titulaire
    agricultural effluent treatment, environmental adsorption and catalysis, nanomaterials
  • Gumière, Silvio

    Professeur adjoint
    hydrologic modelling, erosion modelling, agricultural irrigation and drainage, water and soil...
  • Arul, Joseph

    Professeur titulaire
    food preservation, fruits, vegetables, packaging, food, food polymers, separation processes,...
  • Subirade, Muriel

    Professeur titulaire
    bioencapsulation, biopolymers, protection, molecular, proteins, structure-function relationships,...
  • Labrie, Steve

    Professeur agrégé
    milk, cheese, mold, yeast, bacteria, lactic ferments, food microbiology, food contaminants,...
  • Pouliot, Yves

    Professeur titulaire
    milk, dairy products, processes, separation by membranes, energy efficiency, splitting,...
  • Korai, Bernard

    Professeur adjoint
    consumer behaviour, marketing, ecology and environment
  • Di Marzo, Vincenzo

    Professeur titulaire
    fatty acid, diet and diabetes, endocannabinoidome, identification des postbiotiques, effets des...
  • Filteau, Marie

    Professeure adjointe
    Acériculture, Biologie des systèmes, microbial ecology, genomics
  • Leblanc, Michaël

    Professeur adjoint
    agroenvironmental diagnosis of soils and plants, soil fertility, soil chemistry, water and soil...
  • Mikhaylin, Sergey

    Professeur adjoint
    Chimie des aliments, sustainable development, energy efficiency, traitements électriques des...
  • Ouellet, Claudine

    Professeure assistante
    Expérience client, Modèles d'excellence organisationnelle, Tendances en gestion et évolution des...
  • Parent, Serge-Étienne

    Professeur adjoint
    water and soil conservation, ecological engineering, Nutrition des plantes, Modélisation écologique
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