Economics and consumption

Responding to socioeconomic issues


Economics examines a range of issues including the production, transformation and distribution of agricultural products. In this context, studies focus on the techno-economic and financial management of agricultural and agri-food companies. Research also focuses on consumer behaviour, organization-customer relationships and service quality. The analysis of policies, local and international markets, and rural and international development are also aspects that engage the research community. Consequently, agricultural economics calls upon multiple disciplines: agri-food, economics, management, finance, politics and marketing in order to respond to the different socioeconomic issues facing the current field of agri-food.

The consumer sciences focus on analyzing consumer behaviour, clienteles and problems related to company-customer relationships. Specialists in consumerism and the customer approach support the development of organizations. Better understanding the perception of consumers has become the primary issue for all enterprises. This field of expertise pairs various disciplines, including marketing, communication, statistics and economics, to guide its analyses to the greatest extent possible.

Professor-researchers in this line of research

  • Cloutier, Jacinthe

    Professeure adjointe
    Utilisation du crédit chez les étudiants universitaires, Particularités des consommateurs, jeunes et...
  • Côté-Hamel, Maryse

    Professeure adjointe

  • Doyen, Alain

    Professeur agrégé
    agricultural management
  • Lepage, Fanny

    Professeure adjointe
    Transfert et croissance des entreprises, Entrepreneuriat agricole, Gouvernance et gestion...
  • Ouellet, Claudine

    Professeure assistante
    Expérience client, Modèles d'excellence organisationnelle, Tendances en gestion et évolution des...
  • Robitaille, Jean

    Professeur agrégé
    consumer behaviour
  • Saulais, Laure

    Professeure agrégée
    expérimentation en situation réelle, politiques publiques de nutrition et santé, alimentation...
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