Developing multimedia and websites

All the skills necessary to meet your needs

Multimedia design and production service

The multimedia production service provides expertise and professional support toward the completion of their technopedagogical projects, as well as the use of audiovisual and multimedia technologies for their learning, teaching, research and design projects.

  • Graphic design consulting
  • Brochure and pamphlet design
  • Image scanning and processing
  • Design of illustrations, schemas, logos, graphics, bar graphs, maps and organizational charts
  • Design of posters of all sizes
  • Creation of printed and/or advertising documents
  • Creation of digital documents (PPT, PDF, course notes, etc.)
  • Video filming and editing
  • Video production, narrated presentations, demonstration capsules and animations
  • Development of applications and/or interactive animations
  • Website design and creation
  • Design of electronic forms
  • Website and intranet development, support and hosting
  • Turnkey service from reserving your domain name, from graphic design to publishing your website online.  Client autonomy via a CMS.

In some cases, services will be offered on a fare basis.


Faouzi BenjellounFaculty Director of Information Technology and Educational Supportfaouzi.benjelloun@fsaa.ulaval.ca7686
Sébastien RivestTraining consultant sebastien.rivest@fsaa.ulaval.ca11546
Laurie HarveySystem development laurie.harvey@fsaa.ulaval.ca12418
Jonathan PelchatSystem development jonathan.pelchat@fsaa.ulaval.ca4766
Sébastien VerreaultProgramming and analysis manager sebastien.verreault@fsaa.ulaval.ca7490