Poster printing

We print in both small and large format

Poster printing services are provided by FSAA direction. Only faculty employees and students are allowed to take advantage of these services.

Instructions and advice for preparing to print a poster

  • This service is only provided to FSAA employees and students.
  • The document to be printed must be in PDF or PowerPoint format (ppt, pptx).
  • None of the poster dimensions may exceed 40 inches (101.6 cm).
  • We advise working on your document with the correct dimensions for your poster, otherwise the quality of your images and graphics may decrease if we must enlarge your poster for printing. Shrinking the proportions of your poster size generally does not cause any problems.
  • Please be sure to enlarge your poster in your design software to check the quality of your logos and images.
  • If you have created your poster on a Mac computer, be sure to save it in a Windows-compatible format. If this is not possible, transfer your document onto one of the centre’s computers that are available to you and make the necessary modifications before submitting your printing request.

Tip: If you have several different sizes of posters to print, it may be worth it to put them side by side in your file to be printed to save on printing costs. (See the section on rates.)


How does our service work?

Bring us your poster on a USB flash drive. We will first print a colour proof measuring  8½” x 11” that you must sign. If an error occurs when printing due to a printer malfunction or an incorrect configuration, we will assume full cost. Any other source of error is nonrefundable. Printing requires between 20 and 40 minutes depending on the poster size. However, we allow ourselves 24 hours for printing. At peak times, you may speak with the person at the desk to agree to pick up your poster within a reasonable timeframe. The poster will then be cut, if needed, rolled up, bound with rubber bands and put aside until you come to pick it up.


Rates, billing and payment

As part of a class where printing a poster is mandatory, the rate is $20. Payment must be made in cash. The person in charge of the class must contact us so that students may receive this rate.

When printing for non-class purposes, two possible rate ($1.50 per linear inch for glossy photo paper or $0.75 for matt standard paper)

  • Invoicing is made per linear inch and since the plotter has a maximal width of 40 inches, the price is based on the total length used for the printing.
  • If the dimensions of your poster are smaller than 40 inches, the smallest dimension will be charged since we’ll be able to position in order to optimize the space. This will save you paper and printing costs.
  • If the dimensions of your poster are larger than 40 inches, the largest dimension will then be charged.

For payment, it is possible to pay either by cash or by internal billing (generally the case for symposiums, presentations, research projects, etc.). If you pay by internal billing, ensure that you have your project number with you when you come to print your poster because we may refuse printing at peak times. You can obtain this number from your research supervisor.