Technical support

Fast and efficient customer service

IT support is provided to all administrative and teaching personnel in the Faculty.
Below are a few examples of the IT support team’s main areas of activity:

  • Management and first and second-line support for all technology (computer installation and repairs, software installation)
  • Management and deployment of IT infrastructures
  • Purchasing and advisory services for the purchasing of IT and audiovisual equipment
  • Management and deployment of IT licenses
  • Computer lab management
  • IT security and data management
  • Data and server management and backup

This service is provided in the Paul-Comtois, Envirotron and Services pavilions.

If you are experiencing difficulties with monPortail or other learning systems, refer to the support team specified in your course website.


Fabien LabbéComputer Technicianscript.aide@ulaval.ca412707
Marc ParéComputer Technicianscript.aide@ulaval.ca412707
Martin PagéComputer Technicianscript.aide@ulaval.ca412707
Yvan PépinComputer Technicianscript.aide@ulaval.ca412707
Renaud FortierComputer Technicianscript.aide@ulaval.ca412707
Luc St-LaurentComputer Technicianscript.aide@ulaval.ca412707
  • Service request

    If you need assistance, contact the IT support team. They will reply as soon as possible during business days and hours (Monday to Friday between 8 am and 17 pm).

    Emergency: 418-656-2131 #4012707

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