Techno-pedagogical support

Expert consultants attentive to your needs

The ERC also offers expert consulting service in the pedagogical integration of information technology and the development of in-person or online courses. The techno-pedagogical team is there to accompany teachers and help them develop and implement digital teaching applications such as:

  • Developing distance education (synchronous and asynchronous).
  • Preparing lesson plans and learning activities.
  • Providing information and training on various aspects of distance education.
  • Developing digital tools for teaching.
  • Developing technological tools for research (secure online questionnaires, etc.)
  • Offering support to students and teachers using the ENA environment (Portail des cours)
  • Offering assistance to prepare grant applications related to the development of distance education.
  • Offering assistance for the pedagogical use—in class or for distance education—of tools to provide or create teaching content (Portail des cours, Classe virtuelle, PowerPoint, Camtasia Relaysmart Board, etc.)
  • Developing distance education.
  • Creating interactive learning activities or media-based teaching material (simulations, exercises, tests, virtual labs, etc.).
  • Developing websites or class websites, computer systems and collaborative workplaces.
  • Graphic design.
  • Audio and video digitization and production




Faouzi BenjellounFaculty Director of Information Technology and Educational Supportfaouzi.benjelloun@fsaa.ulaval.ca407686
Alexandre LepageTraining consultantalexandre.lepage@fsaa.ulaval.ca411476
Sébastien RivestTraining consultant sebastien.rivest@fsaa.ulaval.ca411546