Organizing a videoconference

The Faculty also has a mobile videoconferencing system and a range of software solutions to meet teaching and research requirements. In addition, it has equipped a room specifically for videoconferences (CMT-2109). The equipment available makes it possible to manage videoconference sessions with up to 4 sites (including our own). Sessions are supported by Polycom equipment.


To organize a videoconference, each of the connected sites must be equipped with the appropriate system. Audiovisual communications services on the web such as Skype and Google Hangouts are not compatible, technologically speaking, with videoconference systems. It is therefore not possible to organize a videoconference where some participants use the videoconferencing system while others use Skype.

Steps for organizing a videoconference

Technical support

A technician will assist you when preparing, starting and ending your videoconference. This service is available for faculty during working hours. Requests related to this service must be addressed to IT support by email at

Other requests

If you have videoconference requests other than what is provided on this page, please contact us. As needs and resources are continually changing, our personnel will be happy to discuss them with you.

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