Absence from an Exam or Deferred Exams

How do I apply for a deferred exam with prior authorization?

Students who are, and continue to be, enrolled in a course or courses must take the necessary steps to write the exams as scheduled in the syllabus distributed at the beginning of the term.  A student who has reason to believe that they will not be able to attend a scheduled exam must obtain prior approval from the professor.  If the request is approved by the professor, the student therefore agrees to make the necessary arrangements.


Here is an example of a reason deemed serious enough to apply for a deferred exam:

·         participation in a contest or competition, athletic or other in nature, at the provincial, national or international level.


Here are some examples of inadmissible reasons for a deferred exam that will result in a mark of 0 for that exam:

·         a planned vacation or purchase of plane tickets;

·         consecutive exams scheduled in classes on the same day;

·         job interviews;

·         appointments with specialists.

Terms and Conditions of an Exam Deferred by a Professor

The terms and conditions of a deferred exam will be specified by the professor.  The student will be relatively consulted about when the exam will take place.  Attendance to a deferred exam is mandatory and any a failure to appear for this exam will lead to an automatic 0.