International profile

Leave your mark on the world


Seek out adventure and study at a university abroad for 6 months or 1 year.

An International Profile is a golden ticket that is offered in all bachelor's degree programs at FSAA. Based on agreements between your program's department and establishments abroad, you may have the choice between several destinations.

Imagine studying agronomy in Sweden, the food sciences and technology in Mexico, agricultural economics in Brazil, or even agro-environmental engineering in France.
When you register for this profile, you will be given a travel grant and pre-departure training covering the adaptation process, international solidarity and cultural differences.


  • You will acquire unique knowledge and skills in your field of study and expertise.
  • You will have a meaningful experience with other cultures while perfecting a second or third language during your stay.
  • You will complete one or two study sessions abroad without affecting the amount of time it takes to obtain your diploma.
  • Your Université Laval diploma will mention "International Profile" if you complete the program.

    Programs offering this profile

    "This experience changed my life. I met dozens of people who are going to be lifelong friends and I discovered amazing places."


    Caroline Richard

    Bachelor's degree in consumer sciences

    Study abroad in Roskilde, Denmark

    • A Plus that Pays off

      When you complete your undergraduate program, you’ll receive a degree indicating which profile you pursued and attesting to the skills you acquired along the way

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