Animal welfare above all


Research on animals at FSAA aims to improve the productivity of livestock as well as the value of their products while ensuring their health and wellbeing. Animal production with a high genetic value, superior quality foods, as well as livestock production practices are at the heart of research that can only be conducted by taking a multidisciplinary approach. To do so, tools for chemical, microbiological, genomic, proteomic, epigenetic and phenomic analysis must be used. Studies on the ethical and regulatory implications raised by spectacular scientific advancements in the fields of agriculture and diet are also topics of concern for FSAA researchers.

Professor-researchers in this line of research

  • Bailey, Janice

    Professeure titulaire
    fertility, spermatozoa, impacts of contaminants on the environment, reproduction
  • Castonguay, François

    Professeur agrégé
    ovine, sheep, lamb, reproduction, management, livestock production
  • Charbonneau, Édith

    Professeure agrégée
    technico-economic management of herds, dairy herd management
  • Chouinard, Yvan

    Professeur titulaire
    animal feed, animal nutrition, animal physiology, dairy constituents, ruminants
  • Cinq-Mars, Dany

    Professeur agrégé
    technico-economic management of herds, caprine production, bovine production, equine production,...
  • Gervais, Rachel

    Professeure agrégée
    dairy constituents, ruminant nutrition
  • Guay, Frédéric

    Professeur agrégé
    pork, mycotoxins, amino acids, minerals, diet
  • Laforest, Jean-Paul

    Professeur titulaire
    animal welfare, reproduction, swine production, animal sciences, animal physiology
  • Lefrançois, Michel

    Professeur titulaire
    zootechnical, avicolous, chicken, rabbit, egg, meat quality
  • Létourneau, Lyne

    Professeur titulaire
    governance, ethics, agriculture, diet, biotechnologies
  • Létourneau, Marie-Pierre

    Professeure adjointe
    livestock production, pork, chicken, avicolous, reproduction
  • Pellerin, Doris

    Professeur titulaire
    dairy herd management, dairy farm sustainability, technico-economic management of herds
  • Richard, François

    Professeur titulaire
    ovarian, ovum, reproduction, spermatozoa
  • Robert, Claude

    Professeur titulaire
    oogenesis, embryonic development, genomics, epigenomics, fertility
  • Saucier, Linda

    Professeure titulaire
    meat, safety, biosecurity, antimicrobial system efficiency, pre-slaughter management
  • Sirard, Marc-André

    Professeur titulaire
    reproduction, fertility, genomics, ovarian, ovum
  • Vandenberg, Grant

    Professeur titulaire
    aquaculture, fish, nutrition, biotechnologies, environment
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