Educational Resources Centre and Technology Services

A teaching approach using information technologies

Educational Resources Centre

The mission of the Educational Resources Centre (ERC) is to:

  • Provide staff members with access to the computer support and logistic services required in the exercise of their functions in teaching and research.
  • Stimulate and encourage excellence in teaching and learning.

The expertise and interventions at the Educational Resources Centre (Centre des Ressources Pédagogiques - CRP) have been available for a number of years to provide support for various components:

  • Development of information systems
  • Teaching support and multimedia
  • Technical and networking support

In addition to providing teaching support to instructors who use information and communication technologies, the ERC's mandate is also to facilitate access to technologies for the entire Faculty, allowing them to optimize efficiency and autonomy regarding teaching, research and management activities.


Faouzi Benjelloun

Faculty Director of Information Technology and Educational Support