Authorized calculators

Authorized calculators list

Hewlett PackardHP 20S, HP 30S, HP 32S2, HP 33S, HP 35S
Texas InstrumentTI-30Xa, TI-30XIIB, TI-30XIIS, TI-36X***, BA35
SharpEL-531*, EL-535-W535, EL-546*, EL-510 R, EL-516**
CasioFX-260, FX300 MS, FX-350 MS, FX-300W plus,
FX-991MS, FX-991ES, FX-991W**, FX-991ES Plus C**

* Sharp Calculators: without regard to the letters that follow the numbers
** Models that are no longer allowed from 2016
*** This model is no longer manufactured

In all cases, the calculator must be validated by a sticker emitted by COOP ZONE.