Mark Verification or Rereads

Grade Reviews: A student's right

The Règlement des études de l’Université Laval, stipulates in articles 316 to 320 the procedure to follow for a grade review.

Here is an overview :

  • “The student must submit a written request, to the professor, stating the reason for the mark verification or reread within 10 business days after the date the student received the evaluation result.  In the event that an evaluation is at the end of a term, the student has until the end of the period of time to make changes to course selection for the following regular term.
  • The professor informs the student of his/her decision within 10 business days after the student’s request.
  • If the student is dissatisfied, he/she submits their written reason of the verification/reread in an application to the director of the course department within 10 business days after the student has received the decision from the his/her professor.  The student must submit all documents relating to the evaluation with his/her written application.
  • The department head applies the mark verification/reread procedures duly approved by his unit. A review committee usually includes the director of the unit and a minimum of two other professors who review the application and supporting documents.
  • The department head responds to the request as soon as possible and at the latest within 30 business days after the filing date of the application. The decision of the department head is final. "