Student Investment Fund

An investment fund for students

The Student Investment Fund (FIE) is primarily used to improve learning environments and materials for students from different faculties. The fund is based on a partnership: when a student enrolls for a term, he/she automatically deposits $ 15 toward the Faculty Fund, the Université Laval Foundation contributes $ 20, the Université $15, and $5 is added from the Faculty.

The Student Investment Fund is established in order to financially contribute to:

  • buying or replacing scientific, educational, and technological equipment that is obsolete and/or defective;
  • enhancing class and research rooms;
  • refurbishing areas used by FSAA students so as to enhance their living environment and in keeping with university standards.

In the past year, the FSAA FEI has financially contributed to:

  • purchasing equipment to better soil chemistry, Food and Nutrition Sciences Department and Animal Science laboratories
  • establishing workstations for Consumer Sciences master’s students
  • purchasing equipment for the following student committees and associations:  Radio Céréal, RÉGAAUL, Toast Café, ULtrac et Via Agro-Écologie.