Entrepreneurial profile

Give life to your ideas


Start your business from the classroom

The Entrepreneurial Profile allows you acquire the skills you need to implement and manage a project that you care deeply about and which is related to your field of study.
This profile allows you to:

  • develop an individual or group project
  • create your own business
  • become self-employed

You will receive instruction from an advisor and qualified professors who will help you at each stage of your project. You will unlock the ‘secrets’ of market studies, business plans and networking.


  • You will acquire concrete experience related to your interests and field of study.
  • You will develop a network of professional contacts that will help you succeed in your career.
  • You will benefit from instruction by professionals to complete the project of your choice.
  • You will receive this mention on your diploma.

Programs offering this profile


  • A Plus that Pays off

    When you complete your undergraduate program, you’ll receive a degree indicating which profile you pursued and attesting to the skills you acquired along the way

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