Research profile

Explore scientific research and communication


Get a taste for research during your bachelor's degree

Through the Research Profile, you will be able to actively participate in completing a scientific, artistic or other type of development project. You will have a chance to explore a specific field of knowledge in order to discover or confirm your intellectual and professional interests and learn the basic concepts of scientific communication.


  • You will actively participate in a research project in your field of study.
  • You will confirm your interest in a specific field of research.
  • You will develop a rigorous scientific methodology.
  • You will learn to use and develop the terminology used in your scientific field.
  • You will develop intellectual discipline, increase your analytical abilities and master scientific material.
  • You will receive this mention on your diploma.

Program offering this profile

"The different courses in this profile improved my analytical and writing skills, my degree of autonomy and my self-discipline. I am now completing my master's degree and I believe that the Research Profile made it easier for me to face this new challenge."


Marianne St-Laurent

Master's Degree in plant biology

completed the research profile at the bachelor's level

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