Welcoming international students

A window on the world

Université Laval is there for you.

As an international student, you will first be welcomed by the Student Life Office (SLO), there to inform and support students from outside the province of Quebec.

The following are activities and services offered by the SLO:
• “Discover Quebec” activity program
• Individual assistance
• Conferences and workshops
• Mailing list
• Student Buddy Program
• Orientation lounge
• Airport welcome pick-up service at the Quebec City and Montreal airports
• Guided campus tours

Feel free to use these resources to help you with your integration.

The Student Life Office also offers an International Student’s Handbook to facilitate your adaptation.

If you have any questions regarding transportation, housing, health care or climate, visit the “Living in Quebec City” section of the SLO website.

The FSAA is ready to welcome you

The Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences (FAFS) supports international students in their academic success and integration into the student community.

Faculty directors and the International Student Committee plan integration and welcome activities such as:

  • matching students with a buddy from Université Laval
  • greeting and information conference on campus services
  • seminar on academic success
  • follow-up activities related to your integration

A team of specialists is there for you from day one and during your entire academic path.

Joining an association, a committee or a club for faster integration

Student associations, clubs and committees open their boards of directors to all students at the faculty. You are more than welcome to join one and further accelerate your integration.

Almost a dozen FAFS students are members of the International Student Committee and want international students to feel welcome and well integrated. The committee members’ role is to:

  • help international students with their needs
  • plan discovery activities
  • foster the integration of international students