High-Performance Greenhouse Complex

A point of reference for research infrastructure

The High-Performance Greenhouse Complex is seen as a leader in terms of research infrastructures. Its equipment is among the most sophisticated in North America.  Its facilities are located in the Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences (FSAA) and the Faculty of Forestry, Geography and Geomatics (FFGG) and are made up of confinement greenhouses, applied research greenhouses and a propagation tunnel. 

Each greenhouse is equipped with a highly sophisticated system that allows precise climate control (temperature, relative humidity, light), waste management and fertigation.  The High-Performance Greenhouse Complex sets itself apart from similar sites with its energy efficiency and considerable reduction of environmental emissions.  The Complex contributes to cutting-edge research in the fields of greenhouse production (cropping systems and greenhouse environments, peat growing substrates, phytoprotection, agro-environment), genomics (tree genomics and forest pathogen genomics) and biotechnology (plant biotechnology and agricultural genomics).

Construction of the Greenhouse Complex was made possible by contributions from major partners, namely: The Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI), the Ministry of Education, Recreation and Sports (MELS), Université Laval and Harnois Industries.

  • 35 researchers


  • 77 projects


  • Area of 4583 square meters