Roger-Van den Hende Botanical Garden

Unique in North America

4000 species of cultivars and plants

6 hectares of surface area

30 students trained annually

The only one of its kind in North America, this public garden features nearly 4000 species and cultivars displayed by plant family.  The Herbacetum, the heart of the garden, has lovely sights in store for curious visitors who are interested in botany.  From the water garden to the large pergola, home to rhododendrons planted 40 years ago, you will be charmed by the site layout and its unexpected discoveries.  Plants from the Americas, Asia, Europe and Quebec await in the most enchanting of settings.  Found somewhat outside the garden, the trial grounds for annuals, or the test garden, will dazzle you with its shapes and colors.

Officially open to the public since 1978, the Roger-Van den Hende Botanical Garden is an ideal spot for students, professionals and those who are interested in ornamental horticulture as well as passersby looking to relax.  Visitors can take in the unique collection of known, little-known and rare plants, displayed in the most pleasant surroundings.

Admission to Roger-Van den Hende Botanical Garden is free to the general public.

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