Why choose FSAA?

More than a study place, the FSAA is a place to live


At the Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences, training programs touch on all elements of the bio-food chain, from production to consumption, covering all stages of industrial preparation and marketing.
The FSAA trains professionals to advance knowledge in the fields of agri-food and consumption.

Choose the FSAA and you can also enjoy:

  • State-of-the-art infrastructures

    Whether for research or practical training, the FSAA spreads its activities over 3 different pavilions housing the following:

    • Multimedia classrooms
    • A nutrition clinic and institute
    • Laboratories
    • Animal facilities
    • School
    • Mechanical and agricultural equipment workshops

    In addition, on and off campus, the Faculty manages the campus farm, an animal science research centre, a high performance greenhouse complex and a university garden.

    State-of-the-art teaching and research facilities

  • Distance learning courses

    Most of the undergraduate, master’s and PhD programs offer students the possibility of varying their study options through distance learning courses. Offering an efficient educational framework and content that is equivalent to in-class content, distance learning is an interesting option to create balance in your studies, work and personal life.

    Professional development and continuing education programs

  • A myriad of internships and study abroad opportunities

    FSAA gives great importance to practical training and studying abroad.

    Whether in a nutrition clinic, on a food production chain, in an agricultural setting, in a greenhouse or in a large industry, each undergraduate program offers numerous, often paid, internships in a professional setting. 

    If you’re passionate about living in another country and experiencing other cultures, studying abroad is also possible and accessible at the FSAA. With more than 42 agreements in 17 countries, you could study agronomy in Sweden, food sciences and technology in Mexico or agricultural economics in Brazil.

    Experience life internationally

  • Grants, scholarships and financial assistance

    To study without financial concerns, the Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences at Université Laval offers students several sources of financing. More than $1.3 million in grants and scholarships are given to FSAA students.

    Grants, scholarships and financial assistance at the FSAA

    For all grants, scholarships and loan programs at Université Laval, consult the Student Awards and Financial Aid Office (Bureau des bourses et de l’aide financière - BBAF).

  • Active student life

    Studying at the Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences includes a bustling student life that offers lots of opportunities to develop your potential and build relationships.

    You are sure to find an activity that interests you among our:

    • 8 student associations
    • 2 publications
    • 15 clubs and committees

    The FSAA caters to its students’ passions

"The FSAA is more than a place to learn; it is a community where fraternity, surpassing one’s self and practical training come together."


Félix Marsan-Pelletier

Master’s student in Plant Biology

SAAC President 2014-15