Human nutrition

Improving health through nutrition research, prevention and intervention


FSAA researchers working in the field of human nutrition have the population's health at heart. Whether it concerns research on prevention and promotion or clinical studies on the best ways to intervene for people suffering from chronic diseases, this team works closely with different bodies (such as governments, organizations and health establishments) to delve deeper into nutrition-related issues. Researchers in human nutrition are interested in all stages of life, from the prenatal period to old age. Another key element of their work is determining which knowledge transfer activities will help people to better follow nutritional recommendations. In short, the work completed by researchers in human nutrition at FSAA leads to notable advancements in research and has a significant impact on health and diet.

Professor-researchers in this line of research

  • Brisson, Guillaume

    Structure des aliments, Digestion, proteins, membrane du globule gras, polyphenols, inflammation,…
  • Chamberland, Julien

    efficience des procédés de fabrication fromagère
  • Cordella, Christophe

    Cordella, Christophe

    Chimie des aliments, Apiculture, Détection des fraudes dans les aliments, Chimiométrie
  • Duarte-Sierra, Arturo

    sciences des aliments, physiologie post-récolte, enrobages comestibles, conservation des produits…
  • Filteau, Marie

    Acériculture, Biologie des systèmes, microbial ecology, genomics
  • Fournel, Sébastien

    conception durable des bâtiments agricoles, agricultural environment, ethics, sustainable…
  • Khalloufi, Seddik

    génie des procédés alimentaires, process engineering, food process, ingrédients fonctionnels, fruits…
  • Labonté, Marie-Eve

    nutritional quality, nutrition, diet evaluation, cardiometabolic health
  • Mikhaylin, Sergey

    Chimie des aliments, sustainable development, energy efficiency, traitements électriques des…
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