Research fields

Our research fields have positive impacts on global community

The Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences (FSAA) is a leader in agri-food research in Canada. It finds itself at the forefront of research due to the diversity of its projects in:

  • Market economy and strategy
  • The conservation of resources: water, air, soil
  • Agri-food management
  • Food distribution and processing
  • Agrifood international trade
  • Diet and its repercussions on human health
  • Consumer sciences
  • Human and animal reproduction 
  • The protection of horticultural species and physiology
  • Agro-environmental technology
  • The governance of animal and plant species
  • Animal and plant genomics
  • The study of consumer behavior
  • Agri-food engineering
  • Nutraceuticals and functional foods
  • Food safety and wholesomeness


Thanks to process engineering, in combination with the food sciences, researchers are able to resolve and conduct leading-edge research on current technological issues.


Improve the productivity of livestock as well as the value of their products while ensuring their health and wellbeing.

Nutrition humaine

La nutrition humain vise à prévenir les maladies, en particulier celles chroniques sociétales, par l'alimentation. Les chercheurs de cet axe ont a coeur la santé des populations.

Economics and consumption

Economics examines a range of issues, including the production, transformation and distribution of agricultural products. The consumer sciences focus on analyzing consumer behaviour, clientele and problems related to company-customer relationships.


Many researchers are carrying out work on irrigation, drainage and evapotranspiration, runoff and erosion management, and agricultural mechanization in a context of sustainable development.


Researchers with complementary fields of expertise are joining forces to meet the many challenges related to the protection of plant species and the environment by studying interactions between plants, pests and beneficial organisms.