Research Internships for International Students

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Université Laval and the Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences want to encourage the warm reception of students from other universities in order to promote the exchange of ideas, collaboration and interdisciplinarity. Students from all levels of education (undergraduate and graduate) can embark on a research training internship supervised by a Université Laval professor and have access to a number of services.

Subsequently, interns must be officially enrolled at Université Laval and don’t have to pay any tuition fees.

Benefits of a research training internship student status:

    1. Interns are covered by civil liability insurance in the scope of their internship activities.
    2. Interns are given a student ID card and enjoy all the associated benefits, including the ability to borrow works from the library, free access to sports facilities, reduced rates for mass transit, cultural activities, etc.
    3. Interns have no tuition to pay.
    4. In the context of their internship activities, interns are covered by Université Laval’s civil and professional liability insurance.


    French students:  Quebec has a health insurance reciprocal agreement and students must fill out their SE-401-Q-106 formbefore their departure from France.

    4 primary steps to follow when welcoming international interns:

    It is important to note that the invitation process for research training interns can only be done at the request and initiative of a Université Laval tenured professor.

    • Questions?

      Office of the Research Associate Dean
      418-656-2131 ext. 402037
      Paul-Comtois Pavilion
             Room 1104

    • Your Research and development Counsellor

      Louise Tremblay
      Research and Development Counsellor

      418-656-2131 ext. 402374
      Paul-Comtois Pavilion
             Room: 1104

    • Learn more

      For details concerning this process, and to get an example of an invitation letter, visit the BI website