Chair in Economy of the Egg Industry

Stimulating knowledge and producing relevant information for the egg industry

The Chair in Economy of the Egg Industry has taken on the goal of evoking quality research work that could contribute to university knowledge while generating pertinent information on the egg industry. Through student-researcher training, a multidisciplinary approach in collaboration with local and widespread economists, the chair aims to create a critical mass of researchers interested in the problematic economics of the egg industry.

The work of the Chair in Economy is made up of three areas of scientific research:
Structure of demand

  • Animal well-being
  • Branding eggs and specialty eggs
  • Changes in the way in that eggs are consumed

Coordination of supply

  • Economic factors affecting quota value
  • Economic analysis of animal disease control
  • Model for egg pricing

Structural changes

  • Effect of a WTO agreement
  • Costs and benefits of reducing ecological footprints
  • mpact of legislative changes on the production method

Chair's partner



Maurice Doyon