Institute and centres

Renowned groups close to their community

Combining their skills through numerous groupings (research centres, groups and chairs), FSAA researchers increase their contribution to society by addressing themes that range from the Earth to life itself. Projects touch on all elements of the bio-food chain, from agricultural inputs to food consumption and their effects on health, through production and all stages of industrial preparation and marketing.
The following are our research groups that have been recognized by the University Council:

Collaboration and work between researchers

In addition to the research groups recognized by the University Council, many FSAA researchers work in teams on the following topics:

  • Biodiversity
  • Agroforestry
  • Watershed Ecology
  • Agricultural Economics and Policies
  • Public Nutrition
  • Integrated Research in Physiology and Animal Sciences
  • Biological Recycling and Aquaculture
  • Transfer, Management and Establishments in Agriculture
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