Food Science Department

Food Science Department

Whether you're a student, professor, researcher or simply someone who is curious about food science, the Department of Food Sciences can meet your needs. We offer a number of programs that are adapted to your needs to make you one of tomorrow's leaders. You will have the skills to provide communities with a wide range of health foods that are beneficial to the body and respectful of the environment. Integrating different basic disciplines – chemistry, microbiology, biology, biochemistry and processes – the food sciences provide excellent opportunities for everyone to contribute to a vital sector of society whose demands are on the rise and where job perspectives are excellent.

Supported by a team of 20 experienced professors/researchers and a team of motivated professionals, the Department will welcome you into its fast-paced laboratory that is at the cutting edge of technology.

The Department offers several different training programs:

  • Bachelor's degree
  • Professional master's degree (M.Sc.)
  • Research master's degree (M.Sc.)
  • New - Professional master's degree (M.Sc.) with two diplomas in Food Sciences and Technology and Nutrition with Université de Bordeaux 
  • Doctoral degree (PhD)

The Department is also at the forefront of distance education programs that allow you to combine your studies and work. A certificate program (30 credits) and two microprograms, including one in Food Safety (15 credits) and another in Food Technology and Novel Foods (12 credits), are available to you.
Last but not least, to meet training needs as well as those of our partners, the Department offers its technical and analytical services:

If the realm of food interests you, seize the opportunity − the sector is looking for well-trained personnel. Find out more!

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