School of Nutrition

Strong Leadership for any Nutrition-related Issue

Members of the School of Nutrition view their research unit as follows:

The School of Nutrition at Université Laval asserts strong leadership in any nutrition-related issue. It is a leader in the training of dieticians and nutritionists, and in the advancement, transfer and exchange of nutrition knowledge. It is recognized as an essential partner in the field of healthcare.

The mandate of the School of Nutrition

To train skilled, efficient professionals and researchers in the field of nutrition, spearhead major advances in research, and have a significant impact on health and food consumption.  
The strengths of the School of Nutrition are:

Les forces de l'École de nutrition :

  • the educational excellence of its teaching staff
  • the quality of the multidisciplinary training offered to future dieticians/nutritionists, integrating theory and practical application, focusing on collaboration and tailored to the needs of society and of the profession
  • its vast network of qualified internship supervisors
  • the quality of the training offered at graduate levels, directed towards the resolution of problems related to nutrition and food consumption through key issues regarding the advancement of knowledge
  • recognition of the work of its world-renowned researchers
  • the multiple collaborations with its partners in research and training
  • the variety of courses and programs offered aimed at improving nutrition knowledge among various clients


Our values

The School of Nutrition and its training programs are based on a set of core values:

  • rigour
  • integrity
  • accessibility
  • transparency
  • collaboration
  • passion

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