Agri-Food Economics and Consumer Sciences Department

Agri-Food Economics and Consumer Sciences Department

Whether it is to study, conduct research or work, the Department of Agri-Food Economics and Consumer Sciences is a wise choice.  The high job placement rates and strong demand from qualified professionals demonstrate the integrity of these university programs.

The EAC's teaching and research activities essentially focus on the following disciplines:

Agri-Food Economics

  • Rural development; Environmental economics and renewable resources; Evolution of economic thought
  • Economic questions related to the egg industry; Experimental economics; Willingness to pay for environmental goods and services or private goods; Market design
  • Marketing and distribution of food products
  • Agricultural policy analysis and collective marketing
  • Industrial organization and analysis of quality channels in the agri-food sector. Regional development
  • International trade
  • Agricultural policies
  • Economic history of agriculture and analysis of agri-food systems. Agricultural policies;
  • Rural development and development management
  • Agricultural financing

Consumer sciences

  • Collective marketing, vertical coordination in the agri-food sector and industrial analysis
  • International trade and environmental economics, pressure groups, psychometrics, retail trade, quality management, quantitative methods
  • Measuring, evaluating and managing quality, quality tools (lean, Six Sigma, Kaizen, etc.).
  • Customer service, consumer behaviour, consumer socialization, young consumers, qualitative and quantitative methods
  • Economics of consumption, psychometrics, quantitative methods
  • Consumption and the elderly:
  • Consumer behaviour, food consumption, consumerism


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